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Barefoot Products

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    Barefoot Tofino is the world’s first end-user programmable Ethernet switch. It is built using a Protocol Independent Switch Architecture (PISA) and is P4-programmable.

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    Tofino 2

    Introducing Barefoot Tofino 2, the next-generation of world’s first end-user programmable Ethernet switch.

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    Barefoot P4 Studio provides a complete suite of tools for P4 program development, simulation, resource visualization and debugging.

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    Deep Insight

    Barefoot Deep Insight is the first to provide the four ground truths for every packet in the network.

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Barefoot Technology

Programmability and performance have been delivered without compromise in other technology domains like compute, graphics, signal processing, and recently in machine learning and artificial intelligence. The networking domain has lacked the combination the three elements to the right until we launched Tofino, which is based on the Protocol Independent Switch Architecture (PISA) and can be programmed using P4.

How To Get Started

Experience the power of a programmable forwarding plane. Buy a switch powered by our Tofino series of P4-programmable Ethernet switch ASICs, learn how to program in P4 and unleash your networking creativity.

Barefoot Academy

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    P4 and Barefoot Tofino are solving critical problems facing the networks of today enabling new and innovative use-cases. Our Forum for Advanced Switching Technology Education and Research enables researchers in the industry and academia to perform trailblazing research in networking using our technology.

Recent News

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