Welcome to Barefoot Forum for Advanced Switching Technology Education and Research Program

Thank you for your interest in our technology! We would love to help you continue your groundbreaking research in the field of networking. Here at Barefoot, we are proud that we have busted the myth that “Performance” and “Programmability” cannot be delivered together. Barefoot TofinoTM, our first Ethernet switch runs at 6.5Tb/s and is fully P4-programmable. With Tofino you can try out new forwarding plane functions by describing them in P4, compiling and running on Tofino. We like to say that if your P4 program fits on Tofino, it always runs at line-rate.

We are seeing tremendous interest across the research community for access to Tofino powered platforms. In order to facilitate research organizations getting access to these platforms and software in a scalable way we are enabling them with a research only forum in which the members can help support each other. Barefoot is currently limited in its ability to service and support this interest from the large number, variety and geographic distribution of all of the research organizations.

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To become part of this program, the professor or the research chair needs to follow the steps below:

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    Review the Barefoot FASTER
    program overview

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    Receive decision on your
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    Get onboarded to the Barefoot
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Thanks again for your interest in our technology and your plans to embark on this great journey with us to change the future of networking!