Barefoot Capilano

Software Development Environment


  • With an increase in network traffic and businesses transforming their infrastructure towards private, public and hybrid clouds, administrators have been asking for tools that will enable them to take more control of their networks. Software Defined Networking (SDN) technologies came to provide initial solutions to this challenge by separating the control plane from the data plane and therefore simplifying network provisioning, management and troubleshooting. However, due to inflexible fixed-function switching hardware, SDN has not been able to achieve its full potential. The degree to which software can transform IT has been limited by the rigidity of the switching silicon. Barefoot Networks has revolutionized the industry by introducing the first fully programmable Tofino ASIC without compromising performance. Key to enabling this programmability is a robust and flexible Capilano Software Development Environment (SDE).

    Highlights & Benefits

    • Compatible and future-proof to work with any Barefoot ASIC
    • Flexible to operate in variety of Linux distributions
    • Compiler with multiple reference models, debugging and visualization tools allowing rapid development
    • Robust troubleshooting and diagnostics tools without control plane requirement

The Capilano SDE is dramatically different from SDKs provided with fixed function ASICs. The Capilano SDE provides a complete suite of tools for simulation, P4 program compilation, resource visualization and debugging. These tools enable OEMs, switch OS vendors and end-customers to build highly differentiating fit-for-purpose networking solutions.

SDE Architecture

SDE Architecture

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